Social and cultural programme


Cultural programme

In addition to attending online lectures and tutorials, students will get the chance to engage in virtual social events and participate in virtual visits to Parisian landmarks and museums. Events and visits are included in the tuition fees.

Please note this is subject to change without prior notice.


Visit Paris, its landmarks and musuems, from the comfort of your own home!

This is your chance to learn about how Paris was renovated in the mid-19th century to look as it does today by the well-known architect Baron Haussmann or find out about the hidden vestiges of the 6 World Expos that Paris hosted between 1855 and 1937. Professional tour guides will also virtually walk you through street art masterpieces in various Parisian districts or narrate the story of how the inauguration of Orly airport in the 1960’s had France enter the era of modern air travel. 



Social activities

The Online Summer School on Artificial Intelligence is also an opportunity to network with peers from all around the world. Social activities are being organized throughout the programme to let you interact with fellow future engineers and know more about the country you are being virtually immersed in. Activities are included in the tuition fees.

Please note this is subject to change without prior notice.


Welcome session

Get to know your peers and your instructors at our welcome ceremony! As the Online Summer School is a great celebration of diversity, participants will get the chance to present their countries, its traditions or anecdotes, its costumes or particular dances. Take a chance to learn more about France too and brush up your French!

Social events

The Online Summer School also features events for participants to socialize outside of the virtual classrooms. These events include informal chat sessions, movie nights, intercultural games and even exchange of traditional cooking recipes!

Independent cultural visits

In addition to the organized cultural programme that is being offered during the Online Summer School, CentraleSupélec will also make available a list of Parisian museums and landmarks that you can visit virtually for free during your spare time. Invite your Summer School peers to admire the Louvre collections during the weekend, climb the stairs of the Sacré Coeur basilica without having to catch your breath or walk through the corridors of Opéra Garnier and access areas that are not even open to the public! While you cannot get to Paris, we are making Paris come to you!


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